Report Sathya Sai Education Program Course 1&2 - Certifications Italy, Mother Sai House, 23-24 march 2019

On 23 and 24 march 2019, was held at the Mother Sai House, Varallo Pombia, the last seminar of the Course 2 on Sathya Sai Education in Human Values which included an evaluation session for obtaining the certificates 1&2 


The seminar was attended by 38 people :

  • 16 participants of the course started in 2015
  • 11 researchers/listeners
  • 12 participants including seniors and people interested in a path of growth and personal transformation: 

professional features: 13 teachers, 13 educators, 11 researchers


The two days were characterized by integrated activities. The atmosphere was full of love and harmony. We have begun the activities of the seminar appreciating the presentation of George Bebedelis, director of the ISSE-SE Institute, entitled "Divine Love: the yearning for Truth, Goodness and Beauty", as a precious and further study of the topics planned by the course.

Taking as a starting point the theme of "beauty" proposed by George Bebedelis, we have made the whole seminar an occasion to highlight this aspect in the each moment of the training:

  • We have enhance educational activities with music and images that can connect us to the beauty of nature and of our entire planet
  • we have partecipated all together the workshop "Beauty & Art" with creative experiential activities related to Human Value                                                       
  • We have harmonized the body and mind with a very liked moment of "Yoga & Human Values" aimed at loose tension and to recharge energy
  • We have appreciated the unique, creative and meaningful work of the 6 people who obtained the final certification 1 & 2 


Topics covered:

  • The man in harmony with the 5 elements in respect of the planet
  • Human Values ​​in the Engineer Profession
  • The value of love in an educational context
  • The word given- Gratitude light of life- The role of teachers


At the end of each presentation a specific evaluation team coordinated by George Bebedelis gave feedback to the participants based on:

- understanding and awareness of the principles of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values

- consistency in the development of the in-depth theme

- clear presentation

- Ability to apply the principles of Sathya Sai Education in lesson plans in the School or in the Community


Future Programs

  • The seminar ended by sharing the possibility of organizing work groups to explore topics related to Sathya Sai Education and collaborate on projects in the educational field.

  • The next ISSE-SE Standard Course, mainly aimed at teachers and professional educators is scheduled for October 2019 in Milan


Fabiana Laruccia – referent of Italy



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