Sathya Sai Education Programme Course 2 - Module 1 Mother Sai House, Italia, 7- 8 October 2017

On October 7 and 8, 2017, the module 1 of the second level of the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Course, organized by the Italian ISSE-SE, was hosted in the premises of the Mother Sai House in Varallo Pombia.

The seminar involved the study in depth of the following topics: “Human Values and Human Personality, 2nd part” presented by George Bebedelis and “Contemporary Theories of Moral /Character Development“ presented by Vassiliki Stephanides.
The application of Sathya Sai Educare, in environments of school/class, work, personal and family life, was then carefully explained through the presentations of four Italian facilitators. Activities that produced many reflections and thoughts were described.
The main focus was on how to introduce the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values in training programs directed to primary and secondary school teachers. Another main concern was also that of understanding how personal transformation allows each individual to live and express Human Values in one’s personal and family life, and in the work environment, in order to improve relationships, collaboration and attain contentment.

The seminar also involved some moments of experiential activities. Those included the practise of silent sitting and a beautiful in-depth analysis and practise of “Yoga and Human Values”.

At the end of the two training days, Certificates were given to six participants. The works of those participants had been presented and evaluated during a previous meeting, by a committee appointed by the ISSE Institute of Italy, in May 2017.

As in the previous seminars an integrate and participative methodology was adopted. There were study moments, reflections and in-depth analysis of fundamental principles of Sathya Sai Education.

A whole of 39 persons took part in the seminar.
Of those 39 participants, 13 started the second edition of the course in 2015, whereas among the others, there were teachers, educators and people who took part in previous editions and that were willing to carry on with the study of some educational aspects and of inner growth.
During this seminar, there were also 5 auditors, yoga teachers, and others simply interested in the program of Sathya Sai Education of Human Values.

The evaluation surveys collected at the end of the training activities revealed that taking part at the ISSE-SE seminars, always offers a great enriching as well as uplifting experience. Other than having high-level spiritual content, it also is a joyful and inspiring environment, a place to gather and to grow together.

The appreciation for presentations which involved practical application of Human Values in school, family and everyday life was clearly shown.
The participants asked for an improvement in the following aspects:

  • a higher interaction between speakers and participants
  • higher clarification in delivery of some speakers, so as to avoid off-topic talks
  • the need of taking into account the contemporary social complexity
  • a deeper analysis of attachment theories in parents-children relationships
  • more attention in letting new comers to take part actively
  • the organization of more workshops to increase the experiential part
  • more yoga and relaxation exercises
  • possibility of organizing a optional study circles after dinner

Next Seminar is scheduled for 10/11 March 2018
Fabiana Laruccia, referent ISSE-SE Italia

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