SSEHV Seminar - course 1 - m3b

On the 16th of September, a sixth SSEHV seminar took place in the Northern part of Israel, in Ein Hod, a small artists’ village near Haifa.

The main subjects covered were Ceiling on Desires, and Unity on Diversity, both very inspiring presentations given by Mr George Bebedelis, the director of the ISSE SE.The parallels between pre-socratic philosophers and non-dualism in Indian philosophy were demonstrated, and will be explored further in the next seminar.

Ora Karov presented a group activity on the first subject, inquiring into the source of our desires, and their modifications before and after a process of inner inquiry and meditation.A third presentation about The importance of Selfless Service was given by Brigitte Kashtan, ISSE SE referent for Israel.

These subjects were experienced by participants as a meaningful help towards more inner freedom, inner peace, and happiness, offering important theoretical and practical tools for transforming our lives, understanding better the source of our desires and our egos, and the basic unity of all that is. 

Uplifting Group singing, and a guided meditation on light, were offered as well. One of the participants, a professional choir conductor, taught and lead the song “Dona Nobis Pacem” (Grant us peace) in four voices, which brought lots of joy and enthusiasm. 

Over 25 participants attended, more than half of them non members of the SSIO, and most of them having attended previous SSEHV seminars. They deepened their knowledge on Sathya Sai’s teachings on education, while they continue along the path of self-transformation, and enjoy the  inspirational atmosphere of such seminars.The participants expressed a deep appreciation for the training, which proved to be suitable for a process of self-transformation, inner awareness and unity among all.

The next seminar, C1M3c, will take place of the 3rd of February 2018, and will explore more in depth the subjects of Unity in Diversity, and Communication, with Mr George Bebedelis and Ms Vassiliki Stephanides.

A workshop is planned in December, in which Israeli facilitators will offer more practical tools to implement the subjects learnt, like Ceiling on Desires, in everyday practice,.

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