Sathya Sai Education Program Course 1 - Module 3 Course 1&2 Certificates & Standard Diploma Italy, Mother Sai House, 11-12 march 2017

On 11 and 12 march 2017, was held at the Mother Sai House, Varallo Pombia, the module 3 of the Introductory Course 1 on the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, ​​organized by the ISSE-SE Italy.

The course program for course 1 was completed. We had the opportunity to appreciate the presentation by George Bebedelis, Director of ISSE-SE, on " The Core Tenets of Sathya Sai Education: Unity in Diversity" and the presentations by Italian facilitators who have completed the deepening of the core tenets of Sathya Sai Education “Ceiling on Desires”, ” Unity of Faiths” and in-depth "The 5 Human Values from the perspective of Local Cultures", "The 5 Human Values from the Perspective of Educational Policies" "The 5 Human Values from the Christianity," “Selfless Service and Service Projects”
During the training days we also held two evaluation sessions concerning the presentation of a project done  a primary school to promote brotherhood and dialogue “Breathing peace " to obtain the Standard Diploma and a work on "Love for animals” to obtain the certificate 2                                                           

As always an integrated methodology was adopted, providing theoretical presentations and experiential activities: moments of practice of silent sitting, workshop with group activities, study circles which have favored sharing of experiences and reflections on the topics covered.          

The seminar was attended by a total of 32 people. 12 of them were new participants (they had started the Course1 on 2015)  9 of them had begun on 2010. They are continuing the course with the aim to assimilate better the content and then to be able to achieve the certification .10 were seniors participants (educators, teachers and researchers) interested to deepen their knowledge of educational aspects and a process of inner growth.

The evaluation questionnaires show that it is always a great joy to be able to attend ISSE-SE seminars. It is a great moment of inspiration, of great interest to the treated content and of a wonderful union in sharing paths of growth.There is always appreciation for presentations that bring the practical application of Human Values into school, family and everyday life. The workshops are very much appreciated to deepen the experiential part, with the demand to increase moments dedicated to outdoor activities, physical exercises, yoga and relaxation.

The next seminar is scheduled for October 7 and 8, 2017
Fabiana Laruccia, referent of Italy

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