Sathya Sai Education Programme Course 1 - Module 1B & Standard Diploma Projects

On 17th and 18th October 2015, in the hospitable building of “Naturabile” Centre in Varallo Pombia (No), was held the module 1B of the Introductory Course of the Sathya Sai Education Programme in Human Values, organized by the ISSE-SE.

During the weekend two Standard Diploma Projects were also presented: "The keys to ideal life - Human values ​​and triple partnership" and "The five human values ​​in the practice of silent sitting". Both projects received very positive comments for their objectives, structure, working plan and gratifying results. 

The seminar was attended by a total of 41 people, many of whom were teachers and educators in various fields. As in previous seminars, an integrated methodology was adopted, providing opportunities for the study and analysis of the basic principles of Sathya Sai Educare. In addition small group workshops were conducted, so that the participants could better absorb the topics presented during the seminar and develop greater awareness through personal reflection and practical aspects. 

The  evaluation  questionnaires  collected  at  the  end of  the seminar show that  it  is  “always a great joy to attend ISSE-SE seminars”, “which provide a great opportunity for  inspiration” and “are very  interesting, thanks to the contents dealt with.”

In a process of continuous self-improvement and growth, in spite of the high level of satisfaction, it is useful to consider the needs expressed by the new participants, who would have liked additional experiential learning activities, so that they could be more actively involved. 

In order to facilitate the consolidation of the knowledge acquired during the ISSE-SE introductory modules, ​​and in order to increase individual awareness in a continuous process of self-transformation, a "Workshop on Human Values " will be organized on 28th of November 2015, prior to the next seminar, which will cover Module 2 of Course 1. The participants were invited to write down their individual reflections at home as "homework" and then share the main aspects in working groups during the meeting.

Next seminar:  Course1-Module2, February 20-21, 2016

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