ISSE SE Seminar in Belgrade, April 2015

The ISSE SE seminar that took place in Belgrade on 4th and 5th April, wasattended by 25 participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedoniaand two trainers from Greece.

During the weekend three assignments were successfully presented by thecandidates for Course 1 Certificate, who had completed the necessary training inprevious seminars. All three assignments were very interesting and very wellprepared. The topics were: “Teachers as examples in the process of characterbuilding”, “The Five Human Values and the 5 D’s (Dedication, Devotion,Discipline, Discrimination, Determination) - our inner tools”, and “Child upbringingin the light of spiritual values”.

Along with the candidates’ assignments, there was an important presentation onthe fundamental principle of 3HV, i.e. Unity of Hands, Head and Heart. SathyaSai has repeatedly emphasized that EHV (Education in Human Values) is 3HV.Furthermore an educator from Skopje informed us about her participation atGiffoni Festival, where she organized Human Values workshops for primaryschool children. Her presentation was very inspiring as a practical example ofgood methodology to realize SSEHV programs in the community.

The seminar ended with the award of the Certificates and a discussion about ournext steps.

Prepared by Verica SekulicISSE SE Referent, Serbia

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