ISSE SE Seminar in Italy, March 2015

An ISSE-SE Seminar on the first part of the basic Course 1 - Module 1 of the ISSE training program was held at the Mother Sai House, near Milan, from 21st to 22nd March 2015.

The seminar was attended by 54 people:

  • 35 were new participants, out of whom 15 educators. 
  • the rest 19 participants were greatly interested in attending the seminar again. By so doing, they were able to deepen their understanding of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings on education and continue along the path of self-transformation enjoying the loving inspirational atmosphere of such meetings.

The participants expressed a deep appreciation for the contents of the seminar, as well as for the training method, which gave them the opportunity to be actively involved in the learning process through workshops and dialogues in an atmosphere of harmony and unity.

In parallel with the seminar, evaluation sessions were held. Three candidates who had already completed the necessary training in previous seminars, presented successfully their assignments for Course 2 Certificate and one candidate for the Standard Diploma.

The training will be continued next October with the second part of Module 1.

Fabiana Laruccia, ISSE SE Referent, Italy

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