The third year (2017-2018) of the "Breathing Peace" Project in the Middle School of Manziana (Rome) saw students and teachers involved in an intense interdisciplinary work of great collaboration.

With the Italian's teacher, the theme of Trust and Faith has returned to the subject of "Providence" - with "I Promessi Sposi" and on the theme of Forgiveness - with "The Miserables".These issues were taken up with the Religion's teacher who provided Biblical-Evangelical quotations; the same teacher then deepened the main religions, summarized by the boys in beautiful posters, presented at the end of the year to their parents and to the school.With the English teacher we treated the theme of "Non-violence" talking about Gandhi, the summary was also elaborated in English with a good research and resumed too with the teacher of History and Citizenship who also added quotations on "Freedom"  written by Dalai Lama who was the object of investigation through questionnaires and study circles.India was then the main subject of Geography introduced especially in the spiritual and social aspects.

The values ​​of peace, love and true freedom have been enriched with quotes by Sathya Sai and have resulted in the vision of the film "Pocahontas" that the kids particularly liked.This interdisciplinary work was born almost by itself on the way, and most of the boys chose these subjects as exam material, so they arranged the theses and video  created by themselves; they were really interesting.

Added to this, there was an important work about "Emotions", on how to recognize them, face them and transform them into positivity and inner strength; for this I also availed of material and videos taken from the non-violent communication of  Marshall Rosenberg.The year ended by painting drawings about Peace to prepare the works to be sent to PEACE RUN, an event that will take place in autumn in Rome at the Colosseum on the March of Peace; this last activity took place during one day in a beautiful park, reminding us that Peace is not only respecting nature and keeping our environment clean but also making peace with the animals by eating healthy and cruelty-free food.

Prof.English, YogaOlistic Teacher, Educator of Human Values- Francesca Leone

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