The need of the moment is to bring changes into daily lives, so we can protect and save the future. We need to take care of the quality of living and ask ourselves what kind of world we would prefere to see around us and what kind of world we are actually creating. Parents and teachers have the responsibility to reveal true values to the children.

Until now, we used the natural resources in order that to satisfy our needs, taking them for granted and considered them to be inexhaustible. Luckily, a new awareness emerged and we learned that the resources are indeed limited.

We are realizing that pollution degrades the quality of life, even more, endangers our survival itself. But that realization is not enough. We must teach our children how to live in harmony with nature and other living beings.

That was the main motivation behind the project Human Values Protect The Planet. It was peforrmed, more or less, once a month between October 2017 and April 2018 in Val di Susa in Italy. The mayoress, Loredana Bellone, enthusiastically welcomed our proposal and offered at our disposal many rooms at the Casa Forte, the local medival castle. The project included children from 6 to 12 years of age, who learned about the ways of being environment and nature friendly.

Children were introduced to five human values, through the explanation of five primal elements.

For instance:  

  • Element: FIRE
  • Value: PEACE
  • Sense: SIGHT
  • Sense organ: EYE
  • Function within the body: Temperature, Digestion
  • Story used as a description: Story about the Dragon
  • Discusion: Where does the Peace live? What happens when we get angry? And so on.
  • Practice: Building a mini volcano.

Below you’ll find meetigs scheme:  

During the course of the project, we used 5 Educare teaching methods: silent sitting, quotations, storytelling, singing and group activity. During the discusion with children we used questions such as: What can we learn from nature? What is our duty towards nature? What can I do? and so on. The questions were useful for deepening the understanding of the role that Human Values play in the protection of nature.

Many educators came, not only from Torino but from other Italian cities, like Bergamo, Parma, also from the south of Italy, Napoli and Lecce. They brought much enthusiasm, willing to share the knowledge of Human Values.
A meeting dedicated to Parenting was also scheduled, touching the topic of Bullying. Parents were very engaged and interested in the topic that they produced 2 projects for their local schools. The results were efficient and positive.

Both parents and children were very happy with this experience. The mayoress of the town, present at every meeting, expressed her interest to introduce this subject to the local schools.

Patrizia Cinzia Lutti

Educator in Human Values and project reference.

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