In the school- years 2015-16 and 2016-17 the students of the Middle School of Manziana (Rome), participated to the "Breathing Peace" Project.  It was a laboratory created by the students' own responses.

  • Inspired by the principles of EduCare philosophy
  • It is based on Empathic Communication
  • It is an inner work of self-awareness and self-transformation that aligns the mind to the heart.

 Participants :

  • 19 students of first and second Media School 
  • Teachers, often two or three, who shared their presence
    (Italian or English teacher, Support Teachers)    

The frequence lasted all the year from a minimum of 2 to 4 hours per week, one hour for the artistic-manual work and for the yoga practice.Peace is not only the end of a conflict or just non-violent communication on which to train but it is our inner natural state to be safeguarded, cultivated and flourished.


  • Understanding that peace springs from within, from a relaxed mind and an open heart.
  • Training oneself to manage life in calm and serenity, rather than in haste and anxiety.
  • Training to integrate constructively and healthy:- body-emotions-mind- in order to open oneself to the wisdom of the heart.

The laboratory has developed through 3 different approaches, all experiential moments :

  • the physical-energetical and inner approach with the  Yoga- Practice
  • the cognitive approach of investigation and   search
  • the creative-practical-artistic approach of   every student and group


  • The dialogue with the class is interactive (Maieutics)
  • A final sharing, with a summary of the value emerged

  • t can be followed by a drawing, painting or poetry  

Use of questionnaires and the following techniques:

  • story telling
  • teamwork
  • singing
  • quotes, poems, slogans
  • yoga practice



Many have been the topics treated and developed by the students with postersand slogans, poetry and role playing, asanas and songs, spontaneously born from the short stories told and from the class reflections on the following themes:

  1. The importance of the smile
  2. Know how to  be content - putting a ceiling on desires and a brake on greed
  3. Activate willpower and self-discipline
  4. Calmness, self-confidence and faith
  5. Coherence of thought, words and action (Head, Heart and Hands)
  6. Stop to the judgment, how to get rid of the labels
  7. Discover and cultivate the sacred space of the heart

The first year ended with a final performance in which the quarreling monkeys met  the peaceful Koala.

In II Media (2016-2017) we worked more on self-esteem with some exercises to strengthen it, understanding that it is important, as well as developing skills, also to bring out the human values ​​that are within us ; for example, a doctor -as well as being good at work- will need to communicate heart to heart with his patient to instill courage and confidence, helping the sick person to find a state of mind that leads to restore health.

The yoga practice has deepened:

  • Silent sitting and PranaYoga-base
  • Conscious breathing and relaxation
  • The creation of the laboratory of the "sacred space of the heart (the Self)" oasis of  deep peace and harmony.

The year ended with a day in  a green space understanding what it means to respect and love nature, doing yoga in the park, coming into contact with trees, animals, and painting the flowers of the garden.The children's works were very beautiful and very meaningful. All teachers also participated.The Laboratory continues ....

Prof. English, YogaOlistic Teacher,
Human Values Educator
Francesca Leone



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