ISSE SE training activities Spain - 2017


From January to May, the ISSE SE team in Spain has organized three training sessions in Camprodón (Girona) and Barcelona on the following dates:

Camprodón: Saturdays, January 28; March 25 and May 6.
Barcelona: Sundays, January 29; March 26 and May 7.

Two groups of people have received the first Module of Course 1, distributed in three sessions of four hours each, with a total of 12 hours.

The sessions have taken place in the former public school building of “Sant Pau de Seguríes, Camprodón (Girona), and in the Sathya Sai Centre of Barcelona.

The training has been attended by 18 people in Camprodón, and 24 in Barcelona. The number of attendants related to the educational field, who were present along the sessions were 9 in Camprodón and 7 in Barcelona.

A team of five trainers from the Spanish team of senior educators, i.e. Emilia Aparici, Mari Carmen Ricart, Josep Esquena, Elena Rodríguez and Raksha Mahtani, coordinated by Raksha and Elena, with the trustful, solid and loving support of George Bebedelis, have been in charge of the tuition in every seminar.

George Bebedelis, as Director of the ISSE SE, came to Spain for the third session, and shared with all of us the excellent, inspiring and clarifying presentations on Truth and Non-violence, with so many beautiful, loving and heart-touching stories of his experiences as a direct student of Sathya Sai.

The subjects covered along the three sessions are:

  • The Philosophy of Sathya Sai Education.
  • The Five Universal Human Values
  • The Value of Love
  • The Value of Peace
  • What is Character?
  • The Value of Right Conduct
  • The Value of Truth
  • The Value of Non-violence
  • Brief Biography of the Founder of the Programme

Each session has been complemented with a Practical Workshop related to one of the topics given:

  • Session 1 - Workshop on “The Value of Love”
  • Session 2 - Workshop “The Treasure of the Values”
  • Session 3 - Workshop on “The Value of Non-violence”

After the sessions, all the students have been sent the Pdf format presentations for their personal use and further study.

The organization and coordination of the training sessions have been in charge of Elena Rodriguez, Mari Carmen Ricart and Josep Esquena.

In Barcelona, the unconditional support and cooperation of the Coordination Team and some volunteers from the Sathya Sai Centre of Barcelona have been also vital for the smooth progress of the sessions given in its premises. A delicious vegetarian meal was prepared by some members of the centre, and we all enjoyed eating together after each session at the Centre premises.

The continuation of the training is going to be prepared by the Team of Trainers so that the two groups can follow Course 1, Module 2 very soon.

Reported by:

 Elena Rodríguez – on behalf of the ISSE SE Spain - 27th August 2017

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