Croatia: june-october 2017

Bjelovar, June – October, in the weekly magazine Bjelovarac, each Thursday an
article of the series People that are changing the world was and is still edited. The
author is Slobodanka.

Daruvar, 7th June – A lecture titled: Story telling – a magic educational beverage
was held by Tina and Rajna for 42 Croatian language teachers from the Bjelovarsko -
Bilogorske county.

Rovišće, 24th August – At the Primary school, as a continuation of the previous
lecture in Daruvar, a workshop Practicing the art of storytelling was held by Tina and
Rajna, and again the same 42 participants was attending it. They prepared a very
nice brochure
Bjelovar, 4th November – At the County council of Bjelovar, Tina and Rajna held the
same program, the lecture and the workshop, for 59 pre-school educators from the
Bjelovarsko -Bilogorske county. It was organized by the Pre-school section of the
Croatian Pedagogical-literary Society.

The reaction at both locations was very good. The teachers as well as educators
expressed the need for a further co-operation as well as the willingness to use that
method in their work more often.

At that occasion Tina and Rajna prepared a very nice and useful brochure about the
benefit of storytelling with 12 short instruction how to tell successfully stories and

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