The report in Pdf can be downloaded here: croatia-isse-se-report-2016-1.pdf

Bjelovar - 5th February – Awakening stories program was held in the III Elementary school. On that occasion the Professional Council school leader invited Tina and Rajna to lead two programs, one for 50 first class pupils and the other also for 50 second class pupils.

Bjelovar - 24th February -  The II Elementary school celebrate each year on the last Friday in February a Value day – a day dedicated to Human values. This time Tina and Rajna presented two workshops What Love is? for the 5th and 8th grade pupils. Two teachers and 38 pupils participated.

Bjelovar - 7th March – Miraclemakers  - this program enter already for  the second year in the curriculum of the II Elementary school. Pupils attended the workshops on a voluntary basis, with the signature of their parents as an extra-curricular activity. 10 workshops are planned, two for each Human value.   

  •  7th February the 1st workshop was held: The value of Truth – the search for truth, discrimination between permanent and temporary for 7 participants
  • 14th February - The value of Truth - honesty, veracity for  8 participants 

Bjelovar  - 16th of March – 2 workshops was held in the Economic and Technical School during the Days of free teaching that are held once a year for three days. Tina and Rajna was invited by the school Director, with other different eminent experts and scientists, and held 2 workshops titled On the trail of good thoughts. Pupils chose wise quotes that will be written on the wall of their school hall. Each workshop was attended by 35 pupils, 5 professors and the school Director.
They chose two quotes: Be the change you would like to see in the world (Gandhi) and Why copying others when God created the original (M.Bustruc)

Zagreb - 20th & 21st of February - C1M1 was held by the Croatian ISSE SE team.                                                  
27 participants from around Croatia and 5 Sai teachers took part in the Seminar.  Four new young adults were there too, a young doctor, a future teacher, a teacher and a student.

Koprivnica - 22nd April - The Books' Night was celebrated at the City Library "Fran Galovic"
Two members of the Sathya Sai Centre of Bjelovar (Tina & Rajna) were telling stories in the library. About 20 visitors listened to Wake-up stories and fairy tales from around the world that are uplifting, bring us insights, deep and eternal truths and encourages reflections about Human values and virtues. The visitors were listening very carefully, enjoying and showed great interest.

Bjelovar - Miraclemakers - workshops for teenagers
In April and May, Tina & Rajna led workshops in a primary school in Bjelovar titled Miraclemakers. The workshops began in March and there were all together 11 of them. Eight students from the 7th and 8th grade participated in workshops involving the use of all Five EHV teaching methods: Light meditation, Storytelling, Quotations, Group work and Group Singing.

Grubišno Polje -  5th July - Story telling as an educational method
At the inter-county professional council of School Librarians, Tina & Rajna gave a lecture about Stories as an EHV educational method that influence children’s' inside world and shows how children identify themselves with the main character of stories and learn how to overcome obstacles and to act in various situations. The lecture was attended by 78 librarians from different counties and they were very actively listening.

Zagreb - 25th July - C1M2
The ISSE Croatian team planed to present the C1M2 Seminar. We gathered at the Sai Center but unfortunately many candidates were not present due to summer holydays. So we decided to make just an overview of our presentations and to postpone the whole program for September. About 15 persons were present.

Zagreb, 25th October, in a local library, an EHV workshop was organized for students of Sloboština primary school. They are attending the sixth grade. It was in the frame of the project Serve the Planet. Sai brothers and sisters prepared in the Sai Center nice recycled bird feeders for all 22, 13 years old students. Two Sai teachers prepared a workshop, Freedom is not to do what we want! linking this subject with birds and the need to feed them during cold winter months. Students participated very actively and left the library each with its bird feeder. For teachers it was a joyful and fulfilling experience.

Bjelovar,  2nd and 9th November, Tina and Rajna were invited, by the school librarian, to tell stories from their program of Awaking stories – wise stories from all around the world about 5 HV, to students of the First primary school. In that two days there were 180 students participating at the program. The librarian said that all children, including her, enjoyed listening to stories and left with nice memories and good advices in their hearts. They edited an article about it for the school newspaper.

Letovanić - 3rd December – The SSIO of Croatia is visiting continuously, from 2014, this village and in collaboration with their Volunteer Fire Department are helping the most vulnerable families. Now we visited the village with a program for more than 50 children and their parents in the Fire station hall. At the beginning the SSC Bjelovar performed a puppet show Where did the umbrella disappear? about helping others, especially older people, about love and friendship.

The presentation was written and acted by SSC members. After that we made, for parents, a short presentation about EHV, about Five teaching techniques and presented each HV with a story and we sang some HV songs on the theme of honesty, friendship, love and joy. We stressed the importance of living in harmony with Five HV. A school teacher of the local school, the director of the regional school and the head of the municipality attended the program with their kids too. They were very satisfied and showed a great interest in a further cooperation in the form of workshops for children.

In the Journal of the Tourist Association of Lekenik, which includes the village of Letovanić, in the number of November/December 2016 they published a nice, big article about our EHV presentation.

Novi Plavnici -  6th December- was the day when Tina finished her three months program of Awaking stories in this small village school near Bjelovar. She was mainly using the method of storytelling but at each meeting they made the light meditation and a group work and often citations. Tina met them 10 times and makes some questionnaires for children and parents. It is a part of her Diploma work.

Duga Resa - 19th December – as Tanja retired from her job of school teacher, the parents of her former students asked her for a meeting. At that occasion they presented their wish: they would like her to work with them on HV, as they were introduced to it by their children - Tanja's students. She got the room for those meetings from the city authorities and agree with the parents to meet twice a month, and some parents asked Tanja to continue the EHV program with their children too, out of school.

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