In Israel, 2016 has been a blessed year for SSEHV, as we had the privilege to receive the first four seminars of the ISSE SE training:

  • in March, Course 1, Module 1A with George Bebedelis and Suzanne Carenini;
  • in June, Course 1, Module 1B with George and Vassiliki Stephanides;
  • in September, C1M2A with George and Marianne Meyer (ESSE);
  • in December, C1M2B with George and Petra von Kalinowski (ESSE).

Each of these seminars was attended by 30 to 40 participants, around half of them members of the SSIO. They were very much appreciated by participants.

In between the seminars, in May and in September, we had two workshops including practical lessons on the material learnt, taught by two senior Israeli EHV educators.
Each of them was attended by around 15-20 people, with some new participants each time.

Some PO activities were done to inform about the importance of the SSEHV training:

  • our Facebook page: Sathya Sai Israel Educare:
  • a radio/TV internet interview, talking about SSEHV, telling a short EHV story, presenting the book of meditation for children “Look into Yourself”, translated into Hebrew; the program was put on YouTube by the interviewer, and has 235 views for now:
  • a lecture at the “Science and Conscience”  conference organised at the Bar Ilan University, by and for scientists belonging to the prestigious “Interdisciplinary Science and Consciousness Institute” called: “HAMATARA EMET” (meaning “The Goal is Truth”), together with the Theosophical Society.
    The conference was  attended by around 250 people, many of them scientists. The lecture was called “Touching points between Metaphysics and Psychology in creating changes in children’s consciousness”, and included a presentation about SSEHV, stressing especially its more scientific aspects, like the mind model, its connection with transpersonal psychology, and elements of Dr Jumsai’s lectures and achievements:
  • a lecture before a movie at a spiritual cinema festival, talking  about education for peace, and the importance of service to community.
  • attending meetings organised by the Theosophical Society in Israel, giving a short lesson and presenting Swam’s books translated into Hebrew, including “Look into Yourself”;
  • an announcement for the first seminar,  on the back page of the most important New Age magazine in the country.

The pdf version of the report can be downloaded here: sseiv-israel--annual-report-2016-pdf.pdf

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